Damage Defender – Simplify and Streamline Damage Claims

Millions of dollars are lost each year in damages missed during the exchange of assets such as trailers,
containers, chassis and vehicles. Damage disputes can have a huge impact on business relationships and
customer satisfaction, as well as cause negative press.

Damage Defender delivers financial savings through its mobile app and reporting dashboard. This
simplifies the process of documenting asset condition. High quality images and videos complete with
geo tags and time stamps remove any doubt of when damage happened and who is responsible.
Perform an inspection from anywhere and access the data on any internet-enabled device.

With just a few swipes and taps in our mobile app, capture images and note the conditions of pertinent
aspects to your equipment such as fuel levels and tread depth. Access your data in our secure cloud
from anywhere, organized into easy to use dashboards that deliver the detail and metrics you need.

Damage Defender benefits companies in a variety of industries, such as transportation and equipment
rentals, that need to track inventory and condition of assets.

An ongoing, costly issue for many companies is missed or disputed damage during the rental process. 
Damage Defender provides irrefutable documentation of equipment condition, which is time-stamped
and verified with customer signatures. This can save significant time and money, as well as avoid
needless disputes.

Damage Defender simplifies and streamlines the process of claims management and documenting
damages, which results in real savings and is appreciated by our clients and their customers alike.