About Us

About Us

About Smart Warehouse Solutions

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Smart Warehouse Solutions is a technology company located in New York. Our team has been in the supply chain and logistics solutions business for over 15 years and has developed a number of software products for many companies – from family operations to the Fortune 500. Our main focus is out-of-the-box solutions that can be easily integrated into everyday operations, such as Damage Defender and Load Verify.  

From IoT, GPS tracking and sensors, our innovative cloud-based software solutions help our customers track asset condition and optimize their operations. These tools empower our clients to take control of their business and maximize efficiency.

Smart Warehouse Solutions will be testing the waters with new digital solutions that will be impacting the logistics world. One of our goals is to let customer feedback blend with machine learning to create the best possible products for our clients.

Why Smart Warehouse Solutions?

Our mobile applications build a framework to optimize workflow, security, and compliance. These tools give you the power to take advantage of cutting edge IoT in any operation as well as the security of being able to defend from damages that may occur within your supply chain. Upstream enables customers to automate business processes, increase collaboration, and enhance service with our innovative cloud-based solutions.