Stop spoilage with temperature monitoring powered by science.

Single-use and organically powered, our BioBarcodes put an end to dying batteries, signal malfunctions and high-cost hardware. Chemicals in the barcode sticker change its appearance as temperatures rise and fall, allowing for accurate temperature readings with a simple scan. The device’s seamless integration with our Load Verify application will streamline your workflow for maximum efficiency.


  • Organically Powered
  • Single-Use
  • Compact Design
  • Highly Accurate Temperature Readings
  • Integration with Smart Whse Software


  • Low-Cost Monitoring
  • Avoid Manual Data Entry
  • No Complicated Hardware
  • No Setup Required
  • Reduce Spoilage
  • Increase Profits
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“We have had several email exchanges regarding a shipment that a client reported short. We were able to immediately pull our audit pictures and provide them, which cleared the customer’s concerns and was helpful for them to confirm the complete
receipt of the shipment and avoid the freight”


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