What is Damage Defender?

What is Damage Defender?

Enjoy high-resolution documentation at check-in and check-out that removes all doubt over who caused damage – and who has to pay for repairs. Photo and video documentation for clear-cut vehicle condition review and claims management. Digital photos and videos ensure you never miss a scrape or scratch again. Customer sign-offs ensure agreement of vehicle condition.

All the resources you need to control damage on all your assets. If damage does occur, it is easy to recognize when and how it happened. Mobile condition reports allow much easier record collection in one software application for easy access. Geo-tagging gives clarity over where a claim review took place.

Digital Forms

End the ‘paper driven processes’ and integrate your checklists online with our customizable inspections forms. Capture equipment condition, mileage, fuel levels – whatever information is vital to your operations

Photos and Videos

Damage Defender less you to take photos and videos, allowing you to highlight damage and record the true condition of your asset.

Dashboard Reporting

Fleet management made easy: know your inventory’s condition, manage your property, and review how your employees are documenting asset damage all within one app.

Virtual Claims Management

Streamline your claims management process and increase your damage recovery with our incident reporting and resolution software. Our innovative platform allows our clients to collect more data with less cost and fewer disputes.

Secure Object Storage

Access your documents anytime, anywhere with our secure object storage.

Decrease Damage Disputes

With Damage Defender, you will no longer need to pay for the damage you didn’t cause. You can prove what you’ve done right and protect your business from false claims and disputes.

Preserve Quality Standards with Damage Defender

Asset documentation through our application with custom processes will ensure quality control at every step in your business – leaving your customers satisfied and your expenses slashed.