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Our Damage Defender software is a digital asset inspection solution that provides businesses with a comprehensive toolset to optimize and streamline their inspection processes. The software offers customizable workflows that can be tailored to meet specific business operations and damage protection needs. The platform also includes digital checklists for thorough inspections, and an intuitive interface that makes conducting inspections easy.

Implementation is quick and efficient, allowing teams to begin using the software in a short period of time. The solution also provides reliable photo evidence, eliminating uncertainty and providing clear proof of equipment conditions. Handwritten notes are no longer required, ensuring accurate documentation of inspections. The cloud-based storage feature allows for easy access to photos and documents from anywhere.

Damage Defender is a robust and reliable digital asset inspection solution that provides businesses with the tools they need to optimize and streamline their inspection processes while ensuring accurate and dependable documentation.


  • Photo Documentation
  • Customizable Checklists
  • Electronic signature capabilities
  • Customizable workflows
  • Digital checklists for thorough inspections
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Cloud-based storage for photos


Benefits of using Damage Defender software include:

  • Improved accountability for dents, dings, and other types of damage during inspections
  • Simplified inspection process with irrefutable proof of damages
  • Increased efficiency through electronic signature capabilities
  • Improved documentation of inspections with photos and customizable checklists
  • Easy-to-use interface: Intuitive interface for easy navigation and use.
  • Mobile optimization: Easy access to the software through mobile devices for on-the-go inspections.
  • Security: All data is stored and transmitted securely to ensure the safety of sensitive information.
  • Cost-effective: Automating the inspection process can save time and resources, ultimately reducing costs.
  • Improve compliance: Helps ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  • Enhance customer service: Quickly addressing any damage issues can improve the customer experience.

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“We have had several email exchanges regarding a shipment that a client reported short. We were able to immediately pull our audit pictures and provide them, which cleared the customer’s concerns and was helpful for them to confirm the complete
receipt of the shipment and avoid the freight”


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