The right way to inspect freight.

Load Verify was created to revolutionize the way freight inspections are conducted. Our intuitive application streamlines the process from initial loading to receiving and everything in-between, providing all the information you need at your fingertips. With our fully integrated photo capabilities, you can easily document load conditions to manage freight claims, prevent chargebacks, and streamline operations.


Features of digital freight inspection software:

  • HD Photo Documentation
  • Custom Data Input for Easy Organization
  • Automatic Timestamps
  • Virtual Claims Management
  • Geo-Tagging with Cross-Border Support
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • APIs for Software Integration


Ensure that goods are in perfect condition before they are shipped out
Avoid freight damage with the latest digital tools
Keep documentation accurate and up-to-date with paperless logistics system

Benefits of digital freight inspection software:

  • Protection of company and assets
  • Timely identification and addressing of issues or damages
  • Evidence for legal or insurance issues
  • Improved efficiency and automation in freight inspection process
  • Reduced errors and mistakes in shipping process
  • Improved communication and collaboration with carriers
  • Increased visibility and transparency in the supply chain

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“We have had several email exchanges regarding a shipment that a client reported short. We were able to immediately pull our audit pictures and provide them, which cleared the customer’s concerns and was helpful for them to confirm the complete
receipt of the shipment and avoid the freight”


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