What is Load Verify?

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What is Load Verify?

With a simple, easy to use app, anyone on your team can keep track of every load that comes through your warehouse – both shipping and receiving. Link the pictures with order numbers, customers, carriers, trailers and more – and share them with whoever you want.

Damages, contamination and loss of freight are bound to happen in any operation. When it does, you need to act quickly and effectively to prove your case and come out on the right side of the claim. Forget the paperwork and back and forth. Get Load Verify for irrefutable proof.

It’s quick and easy to get started!

Streamline the freight claims process by going digital

You have limited time to notify the necessary parties about damages and file a claim. Make the process quick and easy with Load Verify

Prove you did your job right

There is nothing like photographic proof to show that the load left in good condition. Remove any questions by showing exactly how your team shipped or received a load

High resolution photos for every load

Take multiple pictures with high resolution. Access your pictures and share them with anyone you want at any time

Link the important data you need

Input important load information like Order Number, PO, Carrier, etc – and reference that information later to look up the pictures

Enforce Compliance

Improve your own process and ensure fewer claims on the other end by monitoring loaders – make sure your team is using the appropriate bags, load bars and straps needed to properly secure the load

Accountability and Accuracy

Ensure you have received or shipped the proper amount of freight. Automatic timestamps and geo location tagging prove when and where each inspection happened

Fight Chargebacks

Load Verify supplies the irrefutable proof that your shipments are accurate and loaded properly. You’ll never be left footing the bill