Testimonials 1

“We have had several email exchanges regarding a shipment that a client reported short. We were able to immediately pull our audit pictures and provide them, which cleared the customer’s concerns and was helpful for them to confirm the complete
receipt of the shipment and avoid the freight”


“Load Verify has helped us quickly answer freight claims and helped us be able to train loaders on the correct use of blocking and bracing”


“Load Verify has also helped with the accurate and effective documentation of inbound damages and shortages”


“I was initially hesitant to implement a new system, but the ease of integrating our forms with Load Verify made the transition seamless. The results speak for themselves – since implementing Load Verify, our reported losses have decreased by a significant 50%. I highly recommend this system to any business looking to improve their supply chain efficiency.”

A Supply Chain Owner from Houston, TexasA Supply Chain Owner from Houston, Texas,

“When my team switched to using Damage Defender, we noticed an almost immediate difference. The whole process goes by much smoother now, and we have been able to expand on the number of clients we serve.”

A Dock Manager from Ontario, CanadaA Dock Manager from Ontario, Canada,

“I can’t imagine my warehouse without Load Verify! It has streamlined our whole operation. Thank you!”

Security Detail Team Member from New Hope, PennsylvaniaSecurity Detail Team Member from New Hope, Pennsylvania,

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