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Capture complete, accurate data

Empower app users to perform complex tasks in a simple way. Easy-to-use..


All your data is stored securely and accessed quickly from the cloud. We leverage the..


Record damages, take pics or videos and view previous inspections...

Say goodbye to paperwork

Up to date information is automatically loaded to the app. Collected data is then..


High resolution photos are built into the workflow of the app and accessible at..

Manage Liability

Protect your bottom line and profitability by pushing damages and charge backs where they belong..

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Damage Defender

It’s important for a driver to complete a pre-trip inspection. This ensures both a minimal liability for any existing issues with a tractor as well as safe operation of the vehicle. But the typical check boxes on Read More...

Load Verify

All cargo, whether transported over the road or by rail, is subject to a variety of conditions during shipping. Damage can stem from normal transportation forces like vibrations,side to side or back to Read More...


BlueBound provides manufacturers, warehouses and other locations with solutions that improve operations through accurate monitoring of their assets. By better tracking their equipment and assets in Read More...

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Smart Warehouse Solutions

Smart Warehouse Solutions is a technology company located in New York. Our team has been in the supply chain and logistics solutions business for over 15 years and has developed a number of software products for many companies - from family operations to the Fortune 500. Our main focus is out-of-the-box solutions that can be easily integrated into everyday operations, such as Damage Defender and Load Verify.

From IoT, GPS tracking and sensors, our innovative cloud-based software solutions help our customers track asset condition and optimize their operations. These tools empower our clients to take control of their business and maximize efficiency.

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