General questions
Smart Warehouse Solutions is a technology company located in New York, NY. Our team has been in the supply chain and logistics solutions business for over 15 years and has developed a number of products for many Fortune 500 companies. Our main focus is on out-of-the-box solutions that can be easily integrated into your everyday operations such as Damage Defender and Load Verify.
Damage Defender is an application used for inspection, mobile condition reports, cross-site documentation, and claims management for assets such as trucks, trailers and containers.
Load Verify is an application that allows you to manage freight claims and document various types of damages for shipping and receiving operations in warehouses.
A digital inspection can change everything. It is easier and faster to perform the inspections, and they yield more useful information. All the details are available online at any time.
You can see all your inspections, including pictures and videos, online and share them with whomever you’d like. You’ll see all the forms filled out during the inspection as well as timestamps and names of users who performed the inspections as well.
Inspections can be performed any time and on any asset.
Yes. You can scan barcodes with the app, and that can help speed and accuracy in your operation.
Our apps are offline capable and give you the freedom to continue doing multiple inspections until you have a data connection to upload.
All of our apps communicate using the latest secure protocols.
You can be up and going within minutes – download the app, complete setup and start inspecting.